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Flower girl

Textile designer Yaling Hou started Flowie in 2007 with a line of fabrics and accessories inspired by nature. "I walk around my neighborhood and take photos of flowers and plants. I don't know their names or anything, I just like their shapes." The Redwood City, California-based artist, who was trained in fashion, reinterprets the shapes and lines of the natural world in her minimalist, design-oriented silkscreens. "I like to balance the organic feel with fashion-forward colors. This year I love hot pink and bright yellow," Yaling says.

Yaling, who was born and raised in Taiwan, lives for warm weather--the hotter, the better. The blistering days and balmy nights of late summer brim with some of her favorite things, from "new" fruits like figs to fluttery sundresses. But the best part? "I get to bring the monthly dinner club my friends and I have outside," she says.

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