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Two Flowers

Danielle Sansone is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter who has now entered the competitive field of children's music with the release of her debut collection "Two Flowers". The origins of this remarkable and flawlessly recorded album of children's music had its beginnings with songs that Danielle composed for her own two daughters. Her vocal delivery is reminiscent of the kind of American folk country genre as exemplified by such iconic performers as the Carter family, and deftly combines bluegrass with intricate symphonic flourishes of the domestic ballad. A gifted musician and performer, "Two Flowers" showcases a range of musical experiences from energetic dance numbers to reflective complex melodies. This unique and highly recommended collection for family and community library CD music collections has a total running time of 38:02 and includes Bed of Roses; Too Much Coffee; Like an Angel; Sleep So Sweetly; Whisper; Blanket; The Sleepy Mile; Sometimes; I'd Love to Go; There is You; One More Shimmering; So Many Ways, and the title piece, Two Flowers.

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